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NIBLRRS Genomics of Plant Resistance Homologs

The niblrrs project was established to study the function of NBS-LRR-encoding genes. These genes play a primary role in the detection of pathogens and the initiation of specific plant defenses. Our studies utilized in the model plant Arabidopsis, took advantage of the complete genomic sequence. In parallel, we also studied NBS-LRR encoding genes isolated from maize and rice.
BREMIA Downy Mildew Database

The Bremida database is the lettuce downy mildew pathogen database.
CGP Compositae Genome Project

The CGP project is to develop resources for functional, comparative, and evolutionary genomics of the Compositae, particularly lettuce (Lactuca sativa) and sunflower (Helianthus annuus).
ELP Expression Level Polymorphisms

In ELP project, we are using Arabidopsis thaliana and a novel combination of functional genomics, statistics, QTL analysis and molecular genetics to explore quantitative differences in the expression of genes involved in resistance to pathogens and that respond to induction by salicylic acid.
CHARGE Comparative High-throughput Analyses of Resistance Gene Evolution

The Charge project is focused on understanding the evolution of resistance genes and the plant targets of bacterial effector proteins using a comparative approach to dissect plants? abilities to detect effector proteins from Pseudomonas syringae.
CHIPLETT Lettuce SFP Chip Project

We have designed an Affymetrix high density GeneChip? microarray to detect single feature polymorphisms (SFPs) in more than 35,000 lettuce genes. Genetic diversity will be measured by screening 50 genetically diverse breeding lines and our L. sativa cv Salinas ?L. serriola RIL mapping population.
SCRI Next-Generation Lettuce Breeding: Genes to Growers

This Project will integrate genetic and genomic approaches to determine the genetic basis of horticulturally important traits and to exploit information generated from model plant species, especially Arabidopsis, for lettuce improvement.
GBROWSE Lettuce Genome Resource

The Lettuce Genome Sequencing Project has been a collaboration between the Michelmore lab at UC Davis and the BGI, Shenzen. It was supported by the Lettuce Genome Sequencing Consortium comprised of Agrisemen, BGI, Enza Zaden, Gautier Semences, ISI Sementi, Monsanto Vegetable Seeds, Rijk Zwaan, Syngenta, Takii, Tozer Seeds, and Vilmorin.
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