Michelmore Lab NCBI Submission BioProject Summary

AccessionTitleDescriptionData TypeScopeOrganismregistration_dateBiosampleSRAWGSReleased
PRJNA173551Lactuca sativa cultivar:Salinas Genome sequencingThis project is focused on generating a high quality draft whole genome sequence of Lactuca sativa that is an economically important, representative species of the Compositae family. Cultivar Salinas and its derivatives are some of the most widely grown genotypes worldwide.Genome sequencing and assemblyMonoisolateLactuca sativa2018-01-0910701yes
PRJNA238055Cichorium endivia Genome sequencingSequencing of endive genomeGenome sequencingMonoisolateCichorium endivia2014-02-12120yes
PRJNA238063Cichorium intybus Genome sequencingSequencing of chicory genomeGenome sequencingMonoisolateCichorium intybus2014-02-12120yes
PRJNA238069Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus Genome sequencing and assemblySequencing of cardoon genomeGenome sequencing and assemblyMultiisolateCynara cardunculus2016-01-214121yes
PRJNA285243Peronospora tabacina Genome sequencing and assemblyAssembling and analyzing genomic sequences of two Peronospora tabacina strainsGenome sequencing and assemblyMultiisolatePeronospora tabacina2017-04-18251yes
PRJNA387017Bremia lactucae asexual single spore progeny WGSWhole genome sequencing of asexual single spore progeny derived from Bremia lactucae isolates C82P24 and 622bgenome sequencing and assemblyMultiisolateBremia lactucae2017-05-1733330yes
PRJNA387192Bremia lactucae diversity panel WGSWhole genome sequencing of diversity panel isolates of Bremia lactucaegenome sequencing and assemblyMultiisolateBremia lactucae2017-05-1829320yes
PRJNA387454Bremia lactucae SF5 x C82P24 progeny WGSWhole genome sequencing of progeny generated from parental Bremia lactucae isolates SF5 and C82P24genome sequencing and assemblyMultiisolateBremia lactucae2017-05-22391010yes
PRJNA387613Bremia lactucae whole genome sequencing and de novo assemblyWhole genome sequencing and de novo assembly of Bremia lactucae isolates SF5 and C82P24Genome sequencing and assemblyMultiisolateBremia lactucae2019-03-192100yes
PRJNA412928Lactuca serriola cultivar:UC96US23 Genome sequencing and assemblyThis project is focused on generating a high quality draft whole genome sequence of Lactuca serriola (wild relative of cultivated lettuce)Genome sequencing and assemblyMonoisolateLactuca serriola2017-10-02430yes
PRJNA429829CRISPR-Cas9 knockouts of NCED4 in lettuceThis work describes a detailed, high resolution analysis of editing events in lettuce. This provides insights into mutational events resulting in stable transformants as a foundation for numerous further editing experiments in lettuce and other species. These editing events of the NCED4 gene are a phenocopy of a naturally occurring allele and result in a phenotype that is observable at the whole plant level with minimal pleotropic consequences. Therefore, editing of NCED4 could be used in a co-editing strategy to enrich for germline editing events.Raw sequence readsMultiisolateLactuca sativa2018-01-124314310yes
PRJNA453556Peronospora effusa whole genome sequencing and assemblyWhole genome sequencing, de novo assembly and annotation of Peronospora effusa isolatesGenome sequencing and assemblyMultiisolatePeronospora effusa2018-10-31222yes
PRJNA478460Lactuca sativa phenotypic variation and genetic diversityWhole genome shotgun sequencing of a large collection of lettuce cultivars for studying phenotypic variation and genetic diversityRaw sequence readsMultiisolateLactuca sativa2018-06-2887870yes
PRJNA508811Organellar genomes of cultivated and wild lettuce (Lactuca) varietiesMitochondrial and chloroplast genome assemblies of domesticated and wild lettuce speciesGenome sequencing and assemblyN/ALactuca2018-12-06330yes
PRJNA510128Lactuca (wild lettuce) phenotypic variation and genetic diversityWhole genome shotgun sequencing of a large collection of wild lettuce accessions for studying phenotypic variation and genetic diversityRaw sequence readsMultispeciesMultispecies2018-12-14330yes
PRJNA523226RNAseq of lettuce infected with Bremia lactucaeRNA sequencing study of Bremia lactucae isolate SF5 infecting lettuce cultivar(s). The data was generated under controlled lab conditions and was used for annotation of B. lactucaeraw sequence readsMultispeciesMultispecies2019-02-199270yes
PRJNA557490Genetic analysis of the major QTL for tipburn resistance in lettuceAnalysis of lettuce varieties and their crosses for the resistance to TipburnRaw sequence readsMultiisolateLactuca sativa2019-07-3037370yes