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Dean Lavelle

Dean Lavelle

4212A UC Davis Genome Center-GBSF
451 Health Sciences Drive
University of California
Davis, California 95616

Phone: (530)752-8889
Fax: (530)752-9658
Email: dean@ucdavis.edu

Position Staff Research Associate
Education Ph.d in Genetics, University of California, Davis. 2009
Research Topic Domestication traits in lettuce
Scyld Linux Based Beowulf Cluster Computing
Sequencing: The Plant Genetics Facility
Research Summary I've been a member of the Michelmore lab since February of '93 when I joined as an undergraduate researcher! I continued to work with Dr. Richard W. Michelmore as a staff researcher after obtaining my undergraduate degree in Genetics and Biochemistry in 1993. I have performed Bulked Segregant Analysis using RAPD's and AFLP's to resistance gene clusters in lettuce and I later mapped deletion mutants using these same techniques. I screened over 50K loci. Beginning in the fall of 1995, I worked for the College of Agriculture under the supervision of Dr. Richard W Michelmore and ran the college's sequencing facility: Plant Genetics Facility (PGF). During my tenure, I advanced sequencing read lengths from ~400 nt to 1000 nt . Reads from BAC's went from 0 nt to 800 nt in that same period! While operating the PGF, I decided to "go back to school" to earn a Ph.D. in genetics. I'm enjoying every minute. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

--- Key Publications ---

  • Matvienko M, Kozik A, Froenicke L, Lavelle D, Martineau B, Perroud B, Michelmore R. (2013Consequences of normalizing transcriptomic and genomic libraries of plant genomes using a duplex-specific nuclease and tetramethylammonium chloride. PLoS One. 2013. 8(2), e55913.     
  • Truco MJ, Antonise R, Lavelle D, Ochoa O, Kozik A, Witsenboer H, Fort SB, Jeuken MJ, Kesseli RV, Lindhout P, Michelmore RW, Peleman J. (2007A high-density, integrated genetic linkage map of lettuce (Lactuca spp.). Theor Appl Genet. 2007. 115(6):735-46     
  • Timms L, Jimenez R, Chase M, Lavelle D, McHale L, Kozik A, Lai Z, Heesacker A, Knapp S, Rieseberg L, Michelmore R, Kesseli R. (2006Analyses of synteny between Arabidopsis thaliana and species in the Asteraceae reveal a complex network of small syntenic. Genetics. 2006. Aug;173(4):2227-2235.      
  • Shen, K.A., Chin, D.B., Arroyo-Garcia, R., Ochoa, O.E., Lavelle, D.O., Wroblewski, T., Meyers B.C., and Michelmore, R.W.  (2002Dm3 is one member of a large constitutively-expressed family of NBS-LRR encoding genes.  Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2002. 15:251-261     
  • Chang, J.H., Tai, Y.-S., Bernal, A.J., Lavelle, D.T., Staskawicz, B.J., Michelmore, R.W.  (2002Functional analysis of the Pto resistance gene family in tomato.  Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2002. 15:281-191  
  • Chin, D.B., Arroyo-Garcia, R., Ochoa, O., Kesseli, R.V., Lavelle, D.O., Michelmore, R.W.  (2001Recombination and spontaneous mutation at the major cluster of resistance genes in lettuce (Lactuca sativa). Genetics. 2001. 157:831-849     
  • Meyers, B.C., Chin, D.B., Shen, K.A., Sivaramakrishnan, S., Lavelle, D.O., Zhang, Z., Michelmore, R.W.  (1998The major resistance gene cluster in lettuce is highly duplicated and spans several megabases Plant Cell. 1998. 10:1817-1832     
  • Scofield, S.R. Tobias, C.M., Rathjen, J.P., Chang, J.H., Lavelle, D.T., Michelmore, R.W., and Staskawicz, B.J.  (1996Molecular basis of gene-for-gene specificity in bacterial speck disease of tomato. Science. 1996. 274:2063-2065     
  • --- Presentations ---

  • Kozik A, Froenicke L, Lavelle D, Truco MJ, Xu H, Reyes-Chin-Wo S, Michelmore RW. (2014Chromosome-Scale Assembly of the Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) Genome Using Genotyping By Shotgun Sequencing (GBSS) Plant and Animal Genome XXII 2014 Jan. 11-15  
  • Truco MJ, Reyes-Chin-Wo S, Lavelle D, Kozik A, Froenicke L, Xu H, Michelmore RW. (2014Lettuce Genome Assembly, Structure and Annotation. Plant and Animal Genome XXII 2014 Jan. 11-15  
  • McHale, L., Truco, M.-J., Kozik, A., Wroblewski, T., Lavelle, D., Ochoa, O., Lahre, K., Mathrakott, S. and Michelmore, R. (2007Utilizing of Compositae Genome Project to Dissect the Genomic Architecture of Disease Resistance in Lettuce. XIII International Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interact 2007   
  • McHale L., Lavelle D.O., Pande B., Wroblewski T., Jose-Truco M., Suresh S., Kozik A., Ochoa O. and Michelmore R. (2004Identification and mapping of candidate genes involved in disease resistance in lettuce.  XII Plant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego. 2004   
  • Van Damme M., Lavelle D., Jose Truco M.,Ochoa O., Wroblewski T., Kars I., Van Wijk R., McHaleL., Michelmore R. (2002Characterization ofe Resistance Gene Candidates (RGCs in lettuce Lactuca sativa). X Plant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego. 2002   
  • Truco M., Van Damme M., Lavelle D., Kozik A., Wroblewski T., Ochoa O., Van Wijk R., Kesseli R., Michelmore R. (2002Candidate Gene Approaches to Agriculturally Important Traits in Lettuce.  X Plant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego. 2002   
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