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Marta Matvienko

Former member

Marta Matvienko

Email: matvienko@gmail.com
Web page:

 Lab member: -2010.
Position Associate Project Scientist
Education PhD in Genetics and Microbiology, 1991. Institute of Agricultural Microbiology, Russia
M.S. in Genetics, 1986. St Petersburg State University, Russia.
Research Topic Large-scale plant genomics projects. Project development, production, delivery, and data analysis of Compositae Genome project. Construction of gene libraries, and development of new cloning technologies.
Research Summary 1. Compositae Genome Project: Over 800,000 EST sequences from lettuce, sunflower, and eighteen other Compositae species have been generated and deposited into NCBI GenBank. Compositae Genome Project Database (CGPDB) at http://compgenomics.ucdavis.edu hosts EST sequences and assemblies, and serves as a primary source of lettuce and sunflower genomic data for the scientific community. The long term goal of the project is focused on the studying of phenotypic consequences of genetic variation within this large diverse family.

2. Illumina Genome Analyzer: I adapted and developed custom sample preparation protocols for IGA sequencing. Over 120 IGA libraries from a number of organisms have been constructed:
  • normalized cDNA libraries from 8 lettuce cultivars, 9 different cotton species and genotypes;
  • standard and normalized mRNA-Seq libraries from lettuce, cotton, human;
  • bar-coded (indexed) genomic libraries from lettuce BACs;
  • small RNA libraries from transformants of Arabidopsis
  • paired-end and mate-pair libraries from Bremia lactuca, a pathogenic oomycete

3. Development of new strategies for gene-space sequencing of large eukaryotic genomes In the course of this project, I constructed multiple genomic libraries for Illumina Genome Analyzer sequencing from Arabidopsis, human, lettuce, and 12 genotypes of Bremia lactucae. In these libraries the fraction of major repeated sequences was significantly reduced: in lettuce libraries by 7 times, in human by 15 times, and in Arabidopsis libraries by 3 to 4 times.
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