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Yao Luo

Former member

Yao Luo

Web page:

 Lab member: 2001-2008.
Position Graduate Student
Education B.S life sciences(1997 - 2001)
Ph.D Genetics (2001 - 2008)
Research Topic Interaction of virulence effectors that influence the recognition of Pto to avrPto in order to understand the development of specificity of avrPto and its homologs during the evolution.
Research Summary

Clone avrPto, avrPtoB and their homologs and put them into binary vector. Through transientassay, find their difference in eliciting HR. At the same time, try to clone differenthomologs from other strains of Pseudomonas syringae, PV. tomato and find thevariant specificity of these homologs to recognize their corresponding R gene. The overallgoal is to understand the evolutionary development of the specificity of these avirulence orvirulence genes.

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