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Padma Sudarshana

Former member

Padma Sudarshana

Web page:

Position Post Graduate Researcher
Education 1985 B.Sc (Agri) A. P. Agriculture University, Tirupati, India.
1987 M.Sc (Crop Physiology) University of Agrl. Sciences, Bangalore, India
1996 Ph.D (Plant Pathology) University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, USA
1997-2000 Post-doc, Dept. of Plant Pathology, Univ. of California, Davis.
Research Topic Bioinformatics - Database development and curation.
Research Summary

I have been working to develop a plant genome database, Compositdb. The database contains genetic, phenotypic and molecular data for agriculturally important species in the Compositae family. Compositdb currently comprises of four individual databases: Lettdb, Sundb, Lettcv and Sungen. Lettdb and Sundb are ACEDB-type databases. The Lettcv is a MySQL type relational database that incorporates comprehensive phenotypic and genetic data of over 4,500 lettuce cultivars with many search options. Sungen is a relational database, dedicated to sunflower genetic marker data such as SSRs.

Bremiadb contains genetic marker information for downy mildew pathogen, Bremia lactucae.

Web site design and management: I have developed and manage web sites,Compositdb (http://compositdb.ucdavis.edu),Compositae Genome Project (http://compgenomics.ucdavis.edu),Lettuce Genetics Cooperative (http://lgc.ucdavis.edu),Expression Length Polymorphisms (http://elp.ucdavis.edu)and laboratory web sites (http://michelmorelab.ucdavis.edu;http://stclairlab.ucdavis.edu).

Software: Developed computer programs in C for data formatting and to automate data entry into the databases.

Genoplayer: Developed a Java tool with a student assistant for quick analysis of genetic mapping and segregation data for various crosses. Segregation data are combined with information on the location of markers on a genetic linkage map and translated into drawings of the haplotype. The program has several features and options that a researcher can select (manuscript in preparation).

Laboratory Ordering System: I have also developed a laboratory supplies and chemicals ordering system. Users fill out forms and submit online for automated processing. Supplies and chemicals ordered get archived in a MySQL database.

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