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Kathy Shen

Former member

Kathy Shen

Position Graduate student/ Research Associate
Education 1990 B.S. Chemistry, UC Berkeley
Research Topic Molecular analysis of resistance gene candidates in lettuce.
Research Summary

My research focuses on the molecular analysis of resistance gene candidates (RGCs) inlettuce. In particular, I am trying to understand the molecular basis of resistancespecificity to Bremia lactucae, the causal agent of downy mildew in lettuce,using chimeric RGC genes. Genes consisting of domain swaps between the lettuce resistancegene Dm3 and related RGC family members are being generated and tested in transgeniclettuce plants to determine whether regions responsible for Dm3 specificity can beidentified. In addition, I am trying to identify RGC members from lettuce cultivarsencoding other Dm specificities.

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