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Keri Cavanaugh

Keri Cavanaugh

4212A UC Davis Genome Center-GBSF
451 Health Sciences Drive
University of California
Davis, California 95616

Phone: (530)754-9894
Fax: (530)752-9658


--- Key Publications ---

  • Lee J, Manning AJ, Wolfgeher D, Jelenska J, Cavanaugh KA, Xu H, Fernandez SM, Michelmore RW, Kron SJ, Greenberg JT. (2015Acetylation of an NB-LRR Plant Immune-Effector Complex Suppresses Immunity. Cell Rep. 2015. Nov 24;13(8):1670-82.     
  • Nandety RS, Caplan JL, Cavanaugh K, Perroud B, Wroblewski T, Michelmore RW, Meyers BC. (2013The role of TIR-NBS and TIR-X proteins in plant basal defense responses. Plant Physiol. 2013. Jul;162(3):1459-72.     
  • Ferrante, P., Clarke, C., Cavanaugh, K., Michelmore, R.W., Buonaurio, R., Vinatzer, B.A. (2009Contributions of the effector gene hopQ1-1 to differences in host range between Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola and P. syringae pv. tabaci. Molecular Plant Pathology. 2009. 10(6):837-42.     
  • Wroblewski T, Caldwell KS, Piskurewicz U, Cavanaugh KA, Xu H, Kozik A, Ochoa O, McHale LK, Lahre K, Jelenska J, Castillo JA, Blumenthal D, Vinatzer BA, Greenberg JT and Michelmore RW (2009Comparative large-scale analysis of interactions between several crop species and the effector repertoires from multiple pathovars of Pseudomonas and Ralstonia. Plant Physiology. 2009. 10.1104/pp.109.  
  • --- Presentations ---

  • Wroblewski, T., Piskurewicz, U., Tomczak, A., Wong, J., Cavanaugh, K. and Michelmore, R.W. (2007Novel Technology To Generate ihpRNA Constructs for High-Throughput RNAi and Monitoring of PTGS in Plants.  Plant and Animal Genomes XV Conference, January 13-17, 2007; P69 2007   
  • Caldwell, K., Wroblewski, T., Vinatzer, B., Williams, L., Piskurewicz, U., Cavanaugh, K., Jelenska, J., McHale, L., Kozik, A., Castillo, J., Ochoa, O., Greenberg, J., and Michelmore, R. (2007Genes Encoding Defense Signaling Proteins in Plants are More Conserved than Those Encoding Recognition Proteins. The 8-th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research. June 2007   
  • Wroblewski, T., Caldwell, K., Vinatzer, B., Piskurewicz, U., Cavanaugh, K., Jelenska, J., McHale, L., Xu, H., Kozik, A., Ochoa, O., Williams, L., Greenberg, J. and Michelmore, R. (2007Large-Scale Analysis of Interactions between Several Crop Species and Effector Repertoires from Multiple Bacterial Pathogens.  XIII International Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interacti 2007   
  • Wroblewski, T., Vinatzer, B., Caldwell, K.S., Piskurewicz, U., Cavanaugh, K.A., Jelenska, J., Teitzel, G., McHale, L.K., Xu, H., Kozik, A., Ochoa, O., Williams, L.A., Greenberg, J.T. and Michelmore, R.W. (2007Comparative Large-Scale Analysis of Resistance Gene Evolution.  Plant and Animal Genomes XV Conference, January 13-17, 2007; P76 2007   
  • Wroblewski, T. , Vinatzer, B., Caldwell, K., Piskurewicz, U., Luo, Y., Cavanaugh, K., Jelenska, J., McHale, L., Kozik, A., Ochoa, O., Greenberg, J. and Michelmore, R. (2006Large-scale analysis of interactions between multiple Pseudomonas spp. and several crop species. XIII Plant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego, CA. January 2006   
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