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Hanhui Kuang

Former member

Hanhui Kuang

Web page:

Position Postdoctoral Scholar
Research Topic Evolution of resistance genes in lettuce and Arabidopsis
Research Summary

My research interest is evolution and population genetics of resistance genes. Our reseach include RGC2 genes, the major cluster of resistance gene in lettuce, and NBS-LRR genes in arabidopsis. We discovered that there are two types (Type I and Type II) of resistance genes in the RGC2 cluster. Type I genes evolve fast due to frequent sequence exchange, while Type II genes evolve slowly and maintain obvious orthologous relationship between different genotypes/species. We are investigating the variation of Type I and Types II genes in natural populations. We are also cloning and comparing NBS-LRR in different arabidopsis to investigate the prevalence of Type I and Type II genes.

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