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Steve Edberg

Former member

Steve Edberg

Web page:

 Lab member: 1999-2009.
Position System/Database Administrator
Education Design: UC Davis, 1993
Research Summary

System Administration

Manage the pgfsun server network currently built on aSun Netra X1,SunFire 280R,Sun E250,two Supermicro Pentium-based servers, and a dual-Xeon Supermicro.There is over 1 TB of storage, includingSun A1000 andNexsan ATABoy II drive arrays.Operating systems include Solaris, Slackware Linux and OpenBSD.

Duties include usage, programming and database consultation with users as well as maintaining system, web, programming and genomics software.

Assistant system administrator for the Genome Center.

Web Design/Administration

Maintain the PGF Bioinformatics site,Michelmore and St. Clair Lab sites,and the Compositae database site.

Database Administration

Bioinformatics Programming

Dendrogram Viewer cluster visualization and analysis tool.
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