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Former member

Bertrand Perroud

Web page:

 Lab member: 2009-2013.
Position Project Scientist
Education 1982 B.S. in Plant Biology, Universite de Rennes
1982 B.S. in Computer Science, Universite de Rennes
1983 DEA. in Plant Physiology, Universite de Nantes
1986 PhD. in Microbiology, Universite de Paris VII- Institut Pasteur
Research Summary My main interest is system biology and in particular the molecular signaling occurring in cell biology. I am studying principally two topics involving molecular signaling: obesity and plant resistance to disease. Endogenous peptides, proteases and other defense proteins are ubiquitous in plants and animals. They have often been shown to be major components in signaling pathways. Thus the importance of proteomics studies to decipher signaling mechanisms.
I am currently developing, in collaboration with the proteomics cores, a peptidomics pipeline to study signaling peptides. Separately, a large database of protein interactions is being developed in the Michelmore laboratory, using yeast-to-hybrid technology. I am analyzing these data to develop resistance models that can be then experimentally tested.
The goal is to decipher signaling mechanisms and defense responses. These experiments generate big datasets that need to be properly curated and statistically analyzed. The next step is to generate biological networks in order of developing working hypothesis into models.
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